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“A Survey in 2018 of teachers found 31% experienced a mental health issue in the past year.....”

Source - Education Support Partnership-Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018, conducted in partnership with YouGov.....

Welcome To The Calming Zone

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Anxiety, Stress and overwhelm are everywhere in education, students are suffering, parent and teachers alike. Pressure builds and expectations are higher than ever. 

Mental wellbeing is something that we tackle at all stages of its delevopment from the very beginings, it's starting to build up but has never presented itself, to sitting at home dreading the next day at school 

Taking care of yourself mentally is just as important as having breakfast and excersizng, you can start before you NEED to and it's NEVER too late to reach out for some help. If this is you then click the button below and we are ready to help you 

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