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How To Learn Resilience

The good news is that whatever your level of, let’s call it, ‘natural’ resilience you can improve or develop it. Your level is not fixed, unless you want it to be of course! Below, I offer eight types of techniques to help you learn resilience but please note a few points at the juncture: one […]

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What does an emotionally resilient person look like?

Here’s a few characteristics that many resilient people have in common: Self-awareness you are able to recognise and convey both your thoughts and feelings easily and know where they come from. This means you can empathise easily with others and know how you influence other people with your feelings. Positivity your positive self-image, optimism and […]

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Do you have emotional resilience?

The capacity to be extremely emotionally resilient is within us all. Truly. True, it’s naturally better developed in some people than in others as you have witnessed in your life I’m sure. This variety is due to a combination (like so many other aspects of being human) of factors relating to Nature and Nurture as […]

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What Is Emotional Resilience?

I don’t often agree with (or even understand!) Nietzsche but here’s one of his thoughts I do like a little: “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Underpinning this quotation is the idea of ‘emotional resilience’. I’ve seen this phrase used an awful lot of late, so let’s have a look at what […]

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