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How To Develop A Positive Mindset

Every self-help guru will tell you, “Attitude is altitude!” They say things like, “Change your mind and you change your life,” and “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” They profess that how you think creates your reality. If you want a different reality than you are experiencing right […]

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5 Benefits of Being a Positive Thinker

Being an optimist is not easy. Many people give into doubt and negative thoughts quite easily, especially in the wake of insurmountable odds or failure. However, you can make the choice to have a more positive outlook toward life and nurture this attitude until it becomes an ingrained personal trait. While it may not be […]

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How to Identify Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is a common psychological challenge that many people develop. All too often than not, it can have a devastating impact on all aspects of life. But, what exactly are negative thoughts? Well, negativity refers to perceptions or attitudes that work against you and make your life worse in some way. Generally, such destructive […]

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Are You An All Or Nothing Person?

All-or-nothing thinking is one of the many negative thought patterns known as cognitive distortions. It goes by many other names such as splitting as well as ‘black & white’ or polarized thinking. This type of flawed thinking means that a person sees things in black or white. For example, you are either successful or a […]

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What is Catastrophizing? (And How to Stop Doing It)

Catastrophizing, or worst-case scenario thinking, can be simply described as exaggerating negative effects of events and decisions. People who catastrophize have a tendency to obsess over the worst possible outcome and exaggerate how bad things will be if the imagined ‘catastrophe’ actually happens. This  thinking pattern often takes two forms. The first type of catastrophizing […]

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