How To Learn Resilience

The good news is that whatever your level of, let’s call it, ‘natural’ resilience you can improve or develop it. Your level is not fixed, unless you want it to be of course! Below, I offer eight types of techniques to help you learn resilience but please note a few points at the juncture: one […]

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What does an emotionally resilient person look like?

Here’s a few characteristics that many resilient people have in common: Self-awareness you are able to recognise and convey both your thoughts and feelings easily and know where they come from. This means you can empathise easily with others and know how you influence other people with your feelings. Positivity your positive self-image, optimism and […]

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Do you have emotional resilience?

The capacity to be extremely emotionally resilient is within us all. Truly. True, it’s naturally better developed in some people than in others as you have witnessed in your life I’m sure. This variety is due to a combination (like so many other aspects of being human) of factors relating to Nature and Nurture as […]

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What Is Emotional Resilience?

I don’t often agree with (or even understand!) Nietzsche but here’s one of his thoughts I do like a little: “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Underpinning this quotation is the idea of ‘emotional resilience’. I’ve seen this phrase used an awful lot of late, so let’s have a look at what […]

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How to bounce back from a (minor) crisis and be stronger for it

When you are working on any kind of project it’s normal to come up to a roadblock from time to time. The thing is we all start out on a new project full of enthusiasm and determination to get to the finish line but we may have not taken into consideration all possibilities and suddenly… […]

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How teachers can make time for self care

What is the first thing that goes out the window when you are totally absorbed in your work? That’s right… self care. I think that’s something we are all guilty of and when you look at the situation objectively you realise that it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. How can we expect to think straight […]

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What Are The Winter Blues? And Why They Are Different To S.A.D

I hate the winter!! The nights are drawing in, the days shortening, the mornings are gloomy, the days greyer, the temperatures dropping, and the sun lowering in the sky. This means one thing: in your school some people’s moods start to lower. At one end of the continuum some will feel low, the winter blues, […]

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Overcoming stress for teachers

Beat the S.A.D. and enjoy excellent mental health this Winter

For the past 3 years or so mental health has been queen on social media. I think that raising awareness of mental health issues is great to dispel the myth that it’s something to be ashamed of. Our minds live inside our bodies so, just as it’s not shameful to catch the flu, it’s only […]

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What Is Stress_ Find Out Our View On It

What Is Stress? Find Out Our View On It

What is stress? Stress is a word that’s thrown around an awful lot but what exactly is it? I’ve been involved in trying to help people enjoy their teaching more for many years and enjoyed many discussions focused on trying to understand this word. Needless to say, there are an awful lot of definitions but […]

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what stress does to your body

What stress does to your body, mind and spirit

One of the biggest parts of the work I do my fitness clients is identifying situations in their lifestyle that cause them to become stressed. We all have triggers and once we have identified them we can deal with them. Although I won’t go into fat loss strategies in this article, I will borrow some […]

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